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Silent Heroes Foundation

Come see us in our new coastal Georgia office!

Please note our new mailing address, and that we are no longer able to pick up in the DC Metro area. We will now be picking up in the region from Savannah south to Jacksonville, and as always accept donations at any time by mail.

Silent Heroes Foundation
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Center for Rhino Protection:

The Silent Heroes Foundation supports the creation of a large-scale, biologically viable, comprehensive high-security protection zone for species at risk of extinction due to poaching.  This ‘sanctuary’ will ensure that species can continue reproducing successfully, engaging in normal free-ranging behaviors, forage normally, and with enough habitat to allow for an environment free of stresses on the population that might otherwise result from human intervention or influence.  Although the concept originated as a result of the ongoing crisis with rhino poaching, it will allow for the protection of other species at risk, such as pangolin, wild dog, and cheetah.... Learn More

Veterinary Student Externships

Silent Heroes welcomes students to our externship programs in Africa on a year-round basis.  Students will spend several weeks experiencing life as a veterinarian/conservationist in-training at one of our projects in Africa, where students will become immersed in caring for animals, participating in research to benefit the project, and learning the challenges unique to international veterinary medicine in a developing country.

The program is a benefit to both the student and the project, as well as the scientific community as a whole.  By connecting projects to the student's home University, there is an opportunity for a wide variety of expertise and assistance.  Research and clinical experience contribute to the pool of greater scientific knowledge related to wildlife conservation and One Health medicine in Africa.  Follow along with our externs on their adventures in Africa, and be a part of the excitement as they care for orphan elephants, immobilize rhinos, bleed buffalos, vaccinate village dogs, educate villagers about humane care of donkeys, and protect the endangered mountain gorillas (to name but a few)!

Silent Heroes accepts applications to our veterinary student externship program on a year-round basis, and we offer placement at a number of veterinary and wildlife projects in Africa. For more information please click on our externships tab in the upper left corner of our site, or contact Dr. Adams at: